The ultimate guide to flossing your teeth

Flossing is using a cord of thin filaments to clean away dental plague or food in the teeth where a toothbrush can’t remove. While doing flossing chances of developing gum problems are reduced and your teeth can be kept for a longtime. Flossing will also help in eradicating bad breath.

Using efficient dental floss

Choosing the best floss for your teeth according to your preference like a flavor or unflavored. Floss has two basic forms which are:-

  • Nylon floss that is made of many strands of nylon and comes up waxed and unwaxed form.
  • PTFE floss has a singlestrand and can glide the tightest space.

However, if your teeth have a wide gap you can use tape floss or superloss which is best for cleaning dental bridges.

Wrapping 2 inches of floss around thefingers

Although many people do flossing after brushing, if flossing can be done before brushing this will allow fluoride contained in toothpaste to get as far as between the teeth to remove food particles.

Allocate flossing.

After holding floss between the thumbs, make sure that you left 3 or 4 inches exposed the area to use for flossing your teeth. By wrapping the floss around index fingers grabbing will be easy using thumbs or index fingers.

Floss upper teeth by use of thumbs

Choose the most comfortable way of flossing teeth. You may choose to use thumbs to floss upper teeth or use index fingers to floss bottom teeth.

Gently do the flossing between the teeth while ensuring that every tooth is covered. Don’t be aggressive instead be careful to prevent hurting or bleeding. Avoid snapping a floss down the gums to avoid hurting the gum. After finishing flossing don’t keep that used floss instead toss it, because if that floss is used again, you reintroduce bacteria again which you had removed.

After finishing flossing brush the teeth then rinse with water or mouthwash.

Despite the accessibility of many interdental cleaning aids in the market dental floss has been received great attention, although it’s a challenge to use since it needs a high level of dexterity hence used by less.