Dentist Vs Orthodontist: What are the Differences?

A dentist and an orthodontist will work together towards ensuring that you are in the right state of oral health. However, there are major differences that will help you to identify8 the two in terms of their working and in their training as well. to help you have a better understanding of the two, here are some of the differences that will set them apart:


A dentist will undergo 4 years of university training and 4 years in a dental school. For an orthodontist, however, he will undergo the same course with the dentist and later get into specialty training for 3 years where he will be taught about the working of orthodontics.


A dentist has been trained like a general health practitioner who will diagnose oral problems and treat most of the common complications that affect the teeth, gums, and the mouth at large. An orthodontist is a specialist who will deal with cases such as treatment of crooked teeth, correction of bad bites, and ensure that poorly aligned jaws have been made right.

Though some dentists will claim to be able to perform the responsibilities of an orthodontist, the level of expertise will not be the same. A professional dentist will carry out what he has been trained to do and then refer you to an orthodontist for specialized care.

A dentist will be able to provide general dental services regardless of the age and you should make an effort of honoring all your annual visits to the dentist. In the event that the problem is beyond what he has been trained, the dentist will refer you to a specialist, who in this case is an orthodontist.

If you have an irregularity in your dental alignment, orthodontists have been trained to ensure that he gets them back to the right alignment. There are very few orthodontists but the number of dentists is very high. If you are not sure of the right person to consult, you can start by paying a visit to your dentist who after consultation will help you to make the right decision.[